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Gruß Darius

VI Tournament of Zaragoza

Treffpunkt für Jugger aller Länder
Meetingpoint for Juggers from all around the world
HL Alvaro
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VI Tournament of Zaragoza

Beitrag von HL Alvaro » Fr 5. Feb 2016, 15:07

Hi everybody.

I've been asked to post this here by my community:

"Hi everyone, another year the Aragon's Jugger Association is going to celebrate the Tournament of Zaragoza the weekend of the 23 of april (22-24), like the past years we're going to do it in Leciñena, a small village near of Zaragoza. You're all invited and would be a pleasure for us have you in our tournament. If you have any questions about the tournament feel free to ask through the email juggeraragon@gmail.com."

Hope to see you there.
Kind regards, HL
Grüß, Hashele.


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