Down Under International 2019 - Australian International Jugger

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Down Under International 2019 - Australian International Jugger

Beitrag von Wendy » Mo 10. Jun 2019, 06:03

We had so much fun and so many wonderful people visit us that Australia is again hosting a Down Under International Jugger tournament in 2019! :klatschen:

The details are on

What you need to know:
International rules (Australian rules where we modify them to agree with more of the agreed to international rules)
October 5 & 6 2019
Corroba Oval, Meredith St, Stockton NSW (about 2.5hr drive from Sydney).

We have an official website with all the details updated regularly:

Through the website, you can register as a player with your team, get a quick guide on tourism options, read the FAQ and keep up to date with details of the tournament.

Also, wait till you see the field, if you run too far you will fall into the ocean! Did I mention we have a beach?

There is an Australian Open (AJL Open) held the following weekend in Toowoomba and you are welcome to join us! Play us with our own rules! (AJL Open is being organised through the Toowoomba club via Facebook, but details will be on the DUI website).

So pack your sunscreen, book your flights and come join us Down Under in Australia! :yipyep:
... ... Shiny!


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