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Re: Contacts

Beitrag von Ludwig » Mo 9. Jun 2014, 12:57

For the last weeks we had a exchange student from Bolivia in our team, because he really likes Jugger, he would like to play it also in his homeland.
I already searched in the Internet for some teams, but i just found some from Brazil, Argentina and i think Chile, but i didn't find a team from Bolivia.
Does anyone know a team from Bolivia? I would be really proud for him if there would be some teams, otherwise he would like to found a team there, but his problem is, that he didn't have much experience.
Ludwig (hope you understood me, because my English isn't good ((and my Spanish is even more crappy))
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Julius Schaut
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Jugger Team in New Mexico

Beitrag von Julius Schaut » Fr 25. Okt 2019, 21:24

I am currently looking for a Juggerteam in or around New Mexico, USA.
Alternatively, I would like to know whether there is any Juggerteam in the US. that is willing to travel to NM to introduce Jugger to the United World College, which is located in Montezuma, NM.
Does anyone have any information for me?
Thank you.

Julius Schaut
(Germany/ USA)

P.S. I would highly prefer a message to my E-mail address:


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