Deutsche Meisterschaft - English Info Thread

Treffpunkt für Jugger aller Länder
Meetingpoint for Juggers from all around the world
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Deutsche Meisterschaft - English Info Thread

Beitrag von der_d_aus_b_an_der_s » Mo 1. Jul 2013, 21:34

Dear juggerfamily from across the globe,

this is a brief summary for you to keep you updated. The registration for the DM is still closed. We won't accept registration via JTR as we made a crowd-funding website for the tournament. All you have to do is register at become a fan of the project and wait until the website is confirmed by the admins and the community. We'll post the project page as soon it is available to the public.
I won't translate all the rules for the DM, this is just a brief summary:

- you must register at startnext and pay the registration fee in advance. If you can't make it to the tournament you can sell you registration, this is totally up to you. No cashback

- The team-fee will be 100€. 6 players and a 10€ deposit are included. Additional players must register as well (15€ p.p.) You can pay with Paypal.
- You'll get some jugger, food, a deed for your team and most probably a little bit of fun.

- We have 60 open places; first come, first serve

- The Scube Park ( is not open for reservations. We blocked the park for the whole weekend. There are about 70 beds and space for about 100 campers. We're not sure how to distribute the places in a fair way. Wait for updates on that.

you can register at and wait for our page to be launched by the admins.

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Re: Deutsche Meisterschaft - English Info Thread

Beitrag von sairence » Mo 1. Jul 2013, 23:35

For any questions you internationals may (and surely will) have about the way we're planning to do this, you can feel free to contact me on the forum here. I'll also be keeping you updated on any other necessary infos as we go forward. :schreiber:


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