Redbacks 2012 tour shirts

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Redbacks 2012 tour shirts

Beitrag von Wendy » Fr 29. Nov 2013, 08:49

:yipyep: Heya all! Grüßen! Moin moin! Hej!

The Australian Redbacks traded most of our jerseys (Trikots) at the DM last year. So we are going to print some more.

Are you interested in a 2012 Redbacks jersey? The cost is around $AU45 + postage (30Euros+postage). They are made with a material designed to wick moisture away (lets sweat leave easily). The name on the back will be Support Crew 12. This can be changed to the name of someone from the tour and their number. There are several styles to choose from - men's cut/no sleeves/women's cut.

If you have a bad memory - This is what it looks like:

Interested? Send me a message with your email and number of jerseys - I accept all messages (Deutsch oder Englisch) through the Australian Jugger forum, message here, email, facebook (Jugger Australis), carrier pigeon, or personally turning up at my house :banane: . Message me by mid-February at the latest. I will update here if we are going to order sooner. Once I have your message I will send you the sizing chart and we will confirm your payment and delivery options. Important: I will be asking for money before we order your jersey/jerseys.

Alles Klar? :D

... ... Shiny!


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