Jugger Trailer for the documentary

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Jugger Trailer for the documentary

Beitrag von RuntunFilms » Mi 5. Feb 2014, 16:23

Greetings from Spain.

I'm Alex Asensi, Jugger player just like you but I'm also a writer and director. A few months ago my producer has started to manage a project for a documentary of the Jugger and everything surrounding the sport. We have the support of David Webb Peoples (director of the movie who inspired the jugger) to make this documentary brecouse hes very interested to help us. Great news!

We have a great group of experienced professionals that want to start this project, but we need your help. To start we need to make a trailer of 2 to 3 minutes.

What do we need from you?

Easy, we need a Jugger player saying the phrase "ICH BIN JUGGER" to the camera and behind the player will see more players playing or coaching Jugger. Thats it. If you can shoot with a good HD camera will be much better for us. Then we will use that part together parts of Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Australia. Then send me the video at this mail: runtunfilms@gmail.com ¡and done!

What kind of film is it?

It is an international documentary about the Jugger, origins and history. We hope to shoot in several countries such as Ireland, Spain and Germany. David Webb will interview, we will run tournaments, leagues and many other things.

Can I learn more about the project?

You can send your questions or suggestions to this mail:

Thanks a lot!

Alex Asensi.

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Re: Jugger Trailer for the documentary

Beitrag von {Peter} » Mi 5. Feb 2014, 17:38

RuntunFilms hat geschrieben:Easy, we need a Jugger player saying the phrase "ICH BIN JUGGER" to the camera
Just wondering. u realy want someone to say: "I am Jugger." in german?
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Re: Jugger Trailer for the documentary

Beitrag von Linus » Mi 5. Feb 2014, 19:11

I believe it's meant as "I am a part of Jugger" - which wouldn't be quite as catchy.

I guess it'll sound alright when in context with other international players.


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