For the documentary needed

Treffpunkt für Jugger aller Länder
Meetingpoint for Juggers from all around the world
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For the documentary needed

Beitrag von RuntunFilms » So 16. Feb 2014, 23:06

Hi guys! I need more help of you!

We are searching for some videos or photos of the jugger of the 90s or the firsts games in Germany. We need it becouse the story of German jugger is really important for the documentary. All you got specially the original players of Germany will be great for the info. If you have videos of that years, photos or some like that please contact me to talk about it.

By the way we have a great group of experienced professionals that want to start this project, but we need more help. To start we need to make a trailer of 2 to 3 minutes. The trailer will filmed in 22/23 of March in Alicante with a lot of teams of Murcia and Alicante too. 20 team we expected. But we need a clip of the players of all places you can of Germany.

What do we need from you?

Easy, we need a Jugger player saying the phrase "I AM JUGGER" or "WE ARE JUGGER" in german with more players to the camera and behind them will see more players in a jugger match or training. Thats it. We got clips of Spain, Australia and Mexico, but we want yours! If you can shoot with a good HD camera will be much better for us. Then we will use that part together parts of Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Australia. Then send me the video at this mail:, and done!

Can I learn more about the project?

You can send your questions or suggestions to this mail:

Thanks a lot!

Alex Asensi.


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