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I am Jugger Documentary

Beitrag von RuntunFilms » So 12. Jul 2015, 18:52

Hi guys!

Im here again to share with you the crowdfunding campaign to finish the movie "I am Jugger". As you know we are working on it since the last year and we need to finish it to go to Germany next year and shoot in the International Tournament.

The first days were amazing with a lot of support but the last 3 days no one support the campaign. Thats why im here, some one wants to collaborate? Maybe the teams can do collects with small founds to help us... what do you think?

We are trying to reach minimum 2000$ the first 2 weeks and we have the 1175 in only 6 days. A lot of people and players says that we can make it, but we need more than only thoughts... The only way i know we can make it its working together, right? So im asking for help now :)

If some one wants to collaborate or can work to do this possible please contact me on yosoyjugger@gmail.com, this forum or FB.

Thanks a lot! I let you the link of the campaign!

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/i-am ... ary#/story

Alex Asensi
See you soon! I hope :)


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