VI Tournament of Zaragoza

Treffpunkt für Jugger aller Länder
Meetingpoint for Juggers from all around the world
HL Alvaro
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VI Tournament of Zaragoza

Beitrag von HL Alvaro » Fr 5. Feb 2016, 15:07

Hi everybody.

I've been asked to post this here by my community:

"Hi everyone, another year the Aragon's Jugger Association is going to celebrate the Tournament of Zaragoza the weekend of the 23 of april (22-24), like the past years we're going to do it in Leciñena, a small village near of Zaragoza. You're all invited and would be a pleasure for us have you in our tournament. If you have any questions about the tournament feel free to ask through the email"

Hope to see you there.
Kind regards, HL
Grüß, Hashele.


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